Abrasives comparison

Composite interiors (GRP)

More efficient process due to superior product lifetime
Area of application: Fine surface preparation for aircraft interiors

We are leading manufacturers in the field of coatings and composites. High productivity and constant surface quality are extremely important for manufacturing interiors. Our product range is perfectly tailored to meet these requirements and provides the ideal solutions for the entire process chain: From rough and fine surface preparation to final sanding and polishing.

Example of superior performance:
Ceramic net-backed abrasive compared to conventional sandpaper discs

Competitor standard paper disc Ø 150 mm, grit 150

Quick clogging, short lifetime, inefficient sanding process

1944 siaone

A single disc
can process three panels


1950 siaspeed Ø 150 mm, grit 150

Less clogging, longer lifetime, consistent surface pattern

1950 siaspeed

A single disc
can process six panels


Your advantage
200% higher performance


7500 sianet CER Ø 150 mm, grit 150

Highly efficient process thanks to long lifetime and a consistent surface pattern

7500 sianet CER

A single disc
can process nine panels


Your advantage
300% higher performance, up to
30% reduction in process costs



Benchmark test under the following conditions:
Substrate: Primer coat, abrasives: Conventional paper disc, 1950 siaspeed, 7500 sianet CER, Ø 150 mm, no holes, grit 150, tool: Random orbital sander

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