Turbines – abrasive solutions for vanes, seals and housings

With our centre of excellence for the turbines industry, we at sia Abrasives are your experts for the surface treatment of blades and vanes and other turbine components including seals and housings – from production to repair.

We have many years of experience in the development and production of flexible high-tech abrasives tailored to the specific requirements of the turbines industry.

Fan blades, compressor blades, blades and vanes, titanium, superalloys and stainless steels – the sheer variety of blades and metallic materials used in aircraft engines and stationary gas turbines is formidable. The same can be said for the number of different surface finishing applications. A perfect finish can be achieved by multiple work steps involving deburring, matching, polishing and rounding-off of edges. This ensures that the aircraft engine or power supply will function perfectly even in extreme conditions.

Superalloys, in particular, are often the first choice for the construction of high-performance components such as power station turbines, aircraft engines or turbochargers. They are able to withstand extremely high temperatures and high mechanical stresses. Superalloys are among the most difficult materials to work. When it comes to superalloys, machine-cutting tools and abrasive systems have their limitations – the extreme stresses dramatically reduce the useful life of materials.

The high demands on each component part of a turbine therefore call for high-performance abrasives designed to provide maximum efficiency and durability. sia Abrasives has developed special solutions for the surface treatment of precision castings. With our range of coated abrasives, users in the turbines industry can be assured of an excellent finish with Swiss precision.

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